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Want to Graduate from Pilot School Fast? Choose Pilot School with The Criteria

kriteria sekolah pilotTo quickly becoming a pilot, of course, depends on the selected pilot schools. Pilot schools can be the first step to realize the ideals of becoming a pilot. There are many schools that offer a pilot school for 1 year was able to pass, but there are also criteria that schools provide opportunities for students to quickly pass, but quite the opposite. This could occur because the pilot schools were selected to be less precise. Less precisely because less keen in choosing schools that only tempted by the duration of learning quickly. Choosing a pilot school to be a step to get a quality school. School qualified pilots, of course, provides a variety of purposes for the students so that they are quick to pass. Therefore, as a pilot who wants to go to school and want to quickly pass, then you have to search for the pilot schools. The criteria for the pilot school should you choose are:

Aircraft support facility

The first step you should do when choosing a school pilot to make a quick pass is select pilot schools with criteria that provide aircraft support. Plane becomes suggestions to make the students to easily exercise. By having a number of aircraft support, so students can practice with the maximum and do not have to queue for long. With so hours of flying that have been determined to be in accordance with reality so it does not make the reduced flying hours for the other participants. For example, flying hours for the students who should have been 1 hour and a half to 1 hour. If this is the case due to insufficient number of aircraft, of course, practical knowledge gained less than the maximum and inhibits students. Select the pilot schools that provide facilities adequate aircraft, such as the Bali International Flight Academy (BIFA) which provides 17 training aircraft and Nusa Flaying School that provides 8 aircraft.

Place one’s own practice

Criteria for the next pilot school are the training ground. The airport has an important role in addition to the aircraft. Sufficient number of aircraft but the practice does not exist, of course, be an obstacle. To make you pass quickly, select the pilot schools which have airports exercise alone. Aerospace pilot school is one of the pilot schools which have their own training ground. You need to know under the pilot schools that do not have their own training ground and riding exercises in airports others, of course, related parties will be concerned with aircraft flying commercial than exercise. If this happens, of course, will not exercise the maximum and make you have to finish. Therefore, make sure that you select the pilot schools has its own airport.

Schools have long standing

This one should not miss when selecting pilot schools, which is a long standing problem of how schools. Pilot schools are long standing, of course, will be known by many people. Choose a pilot school that has been in existence for at least 3 years. You can choose BIFA pilot school because this school has been established for 6 years. School BIFA is one of many people although the selection is done very tight. However, with the pilot you choose a school that has been long standing, and then you can find out about how long it is to be able to graduate school alumni. If fast, then at least you can also quick to complete.

Pilot schools can be a cause you can pass quickly, or vice versa. For that, you have to be picky pilot school.

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Tips on Being Promoted for First Officers

Some people think that if pilot school gradutes will be pilots in commercial planes directly after they get job. Is this option true? Of course, the answer is no. After getting job at airline, pilot school graduates have to run their profession as first officers at small plane for a few years. If they are not promoted, they will continue running this position. This means that they will not have high salary. Are you a first officer who wants to get promotion so your career will be better? If you are, you should be patient, especially there are many experienced first officers there. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you cannot be promoted. You will get good position as long as you do these:

first officer a

Obey all rules

Yup, obeying all rules at airline is a must. This is one of the forms of your discipline and responsibility to airline. For instance, if you have to work at 7 a.m, you should come on time. If you come late, you will be warned and even scolded by your boss. If you have to wear tidy cloth, avoid wearing casual or sporty cloth or if your captain asks you to check flight procedure before taking off, you should follow its rule. Even, if you are asked to do many flights in one day, you should follow its rule well. In other hand, if you often violate the rules, such as: coming late, making noise, triggering conflict, etc. you will be punished. The worst part is you will get difficulty to be promoted.

What if you violate certain rules because you really cannot obey those? It is better to tell your boss about this and explain what your reasons are. If you tell the truth, your boss will understand your condition and forgive you. However, you should remain being professional in running your profession.

Work smartly

There are many people having assumption that they have to work hard to get good result. This is true but sometime working hard triggers bad effects. For instance, if you continue working without taking enough rest, you will deal with anemia, insomnia, headache, etc. or if you skip to have lunch because you want to work, you will lose body weight and face stomache and maag. Therefore, work smartly. This means that you don’t need to bother yourself. For instance, if airline parties ask you to send flight data, you don’t need to go to airport directly because you can send data via email. If your captain asks for your help to check email before doing flight, you don’t need to bring laptop, just use your smartphone.

Last but not least, avoid debating with airline parties or colleagues because this can trigger conflict and fight that make you get punishment sooner or later. Even, if they make you angry, calm down yourself and avoid debating with them. Stay cool as long as you are not guilty. By doing these, within 2 or 3 years, you will be promoted.

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Do You Want to Join a Flight School in Australia?

Australia is one of the favorite destination countries for Indonesia students to get bachelor’s degrees or pilot licenses. Based on reliable data, there are thousands of Indonesian students there so they have community or organization to help new students adapt and learn fast. Besides, there are many Indonesian people working as employees or running businesses, like restaurants, shops, tourisms, etc. That is why there are many Indonesian students choosing this country to continue their education.

Are you keen on studying in Australia? If you are, what is your destination school or college? If you want to join a flight school in Australia, make sure that you choose the right one and fulfill requirements, such as: getting a registration form, preparing copy of identity card, copy of high school diploma, copy of medical certificate, and so on. You also have to prepare money to pay off registration fee and tuition fee. If you choose flight school that is not equipped with dormitory, you should prepare budget for living cost, food, and transportation.

Other important things which you need to do before going to Australia and joining flying school are:

Have good English proficiency

As you probably know, joining school or college abroad you need to have good English proficiency. Yup, you need to take TOEFL and get minimum 550 scores. Besides, having good English proficiency is benefit for you because you will not get difficulty in communicating with other students who come from other countries. How to have good English skills? Take additional English courses, read English books, listening to English conversations and songs, watching English movies, and practicing English in your daily activities. Anyway, if you are keen on working as a pilot in Australia, you remain using English. Thus, there is no problem if you take enough time to learn English more. Do not forget to check pilot career in Australia if you really want to work there.

Apply for visa and passport

To study in Australia, you are required to have visa and passport. By having these, you will be accepted to study there legally. For this, apply for visa and passport as soon as possible. Ideally, you should do this maximum 2 months before going there. Why? Doing this is not easy because you have to fulfill many requirements and go to Australian embassy. They will check your documents and preparation and test your English proficiency. Furthermore, they ask about amount of your budgets because they don’t know to see Indonesia students to be displaced there. If you succeed to fulfill all requirements and make them sure, you will get your visa and passport.

Last but not least, you have to prepare your mental as well as possible. This sounds unimportant but you need to know that having strong mental makes you able to face all obstacles. Remember to ask for help from other Indonesian students there if you don’t know what you should do. They will help you gladly as long as you ask for help politely.

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Be Careful of Flight School with These Criteria

Qualified Flight SchoolSign pilot schools arguably long-term investment. The simple reason like this, pilot school entrance fee of approximately IDR 600 million as an initial capital investment. Post graduated from pilot school, it could be a pilot on the airline or flight school instructor pilot with a monthly salary reaches IDR 70 million (for the senior level of the highest rank of captain or pilot class airline top) and IDR 30 million for a flight instructor. Salary received each month is called the investment return. How, still think twice to invest with the incoming pilot school? However, investment in school pilot did not go according to plan if you mistakenly select the pilot schools. If the pilot schools that will be addressed meet these criteria, be careful!

Forcing to pay in full in advance

In accordance with the above explanation if the entry fee is not small pilot school. In fact, so big enough to buy one house minimalist. Therefore, do not be so easy to give all the funds at the school. Moreover, no coercive action of the school authorities. Who knows the respective pilot schools are short of funds to finance its operations, is not it? Not prejudiced, but just to minimize things that are not desirable because of overconfidence. Much better if you choose a pilot school with gradual payment offer. In addition to more easing, such payment systems as a precaution in case any pilot school disbanded or there are those who misuse funds.

Offers a cost below the average

Pilot schools are generally divided into two type’s namely private flying schools and pilot schools of the country. Schools offer a private pilot with a price range of IDR 600 million whereas domestic pilot schools only half or a quarter of the cost offered by private flying schools but it is fairly rigorous selection process. If in the process of finding a pilot school is no pilot schools that offer a cost below the average, you should be suspicious. It is probable that the pilot school in question does not have a trainer aircraft sufficient to trigger the pass longer, do not have classroom facilities equipped so as to hinder the teaching and learning activities, no simulator or maintenance aircraft so accident-prone time of flight training, as well as not having experienced instructors so knowledge is broad and deep.

Still rest of the corn

Ideally, the pilot school you choose should have at least 4 years old. Below that, you should be careful. Not a few cases of pilot schools were still whole corn closed since the school management pilots poor, in addition to forced closed by the government for the pilot school in question does not meet the standards (do not provide practical training to fly, the existence of unexpected expenses are too high, and the future of education do not match with promised). If so, how will the fate of the students? Would be unclear or displaced. If it must be moved to other pilot schools, must pay full again. In addition, it is likely going to repeat from the beginning. Already loss costs, loss of time anyway. So, you better be safe than sorry at the beginning rather than the end.

Anyone has the potential to become a victim of fraud pilot schools, including you. Therefore, carefully before selecting pilot schools. If necessary surveys directly to the school, via the school’s official website, or by alumni of the pilot schools concerned to obtain valid information so that it can be considered reliable.

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Tips on Becoming a Pilot at Foreign Airlines

pilot schoolsIf you get chance to work at foreign airlines as a pilot, what do think and feel? Of course, you should not fool away this chance. Also be grateful because not all people get this big job. If this dream really happens, do you know what to do? If you don’t, you should start by learning about your destination country well. Learn about weather, language, religion, culture, food, and so on so you can adapt well there. Besides, you should do these:

Find rented home near airport

Why? If you choose home for rent is located far away from airport, you can boost your monthly expenses because you should pay transportation. Undoubtedly, your salary is big but you are suggested to cut down expenses as optimal as possible because you don’t know what will happen in the future. For instance, if you have high expenses and then get sick and be treated in hospital, please calculate how much money you will spend. Instead of spending much money for it, you should save your money by reducing unimportant expenses.

Finding rented home near airport is not difficult because there are many people who definitely want to rent their home. Keep in mind to do negotiation about rental price so you don’t spend much money every month.

Master English well

Your friends will communicate with you by speaking English. Yup, English is international language that can be used to communicate with people come from other countries. Therefore, you should master English well. If you master this language, it is good for you because you can communicate with other smoothly. Nevertheless, if your English skills are not good yet, take courses and practice it every day. This needs a process but you can do it if you want.

Anyway, if you don’t understand what your friends are talking about when communicating with you because of their pronounciation, ask them to tell you slowly. Don’t be shy because they definitely understand you.

Build new friendship

Don’t keep silent and go to home after working. By doing these, you will get difficulty in building new friendship. You should start building new relationship with your colleagues and then invite them to hang out or go somewhere to release stress. Make sure that you don’t follow all their habits. Choose good habits only. For instance, if you are a Muslim and your friends invite you to drink alcohol, refuse it and explain them that you cannot drink it by using good words. What if you are invited to come to their party? You should come and be careful of choosing foods and drinks. Just consume halal foods and beverages. If you cannot find those, stay cool and go home earlier.

In addition, avoid making problems with people around you by not debating, making noise, and violating existing rules. If you don’t feel comfortable in your rented home, move to new rented home in new environment. Who knows that you can feel cozy and happy. Hopefully, you enjoy your jobs as a pilot at foreign airlines.